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Once in a Blue Year

by Michael D. Durkota

Top Medalist – Psychological Suspense – New Apple e-Book Awards
Top Medalist – Military – New Apple Book Awards
Finalist – Fiction-Military – Readers’ Favorite
Finalist – First Novel – IAN Book of the Year Awards
Finalist – General Fiction – IAN Book of the Year Awards

A military story that focuses on the emotional cost to the families and friends left behind.

Dan and Trevor, two navy barracks roommates, are both left behind when their submarine is called to action. Dan is receiving a medical discharge from the navy. With nowhere else to go, he heads to the home of his good friends Nathan and Heather.

Trevor is a true submariner. But due to an incident involving Nathan, here he stands, stunned, watching all the girlfriends and wives wiping away their tears as the sleek silhouette of his ship glides stealthily down the river.

A rich, multilayered coming-of-age story, Once in a Blue Year follows the two young men through their struggles to discover who they are, each navigating their romantic relationships and coming to terms with the dramatic event at sea that forever altered their lives.